SAMA National Virtual Championship 2021


Congratulations to each and every athlete who competed in our SAMA National Championships for 2021. Let us all hope that we can return to full track and field competition for 2022 and that we can all get together as a group of Masters Athletes for the 2022 SAMA National Championships.

From KZN Masters Athletics Committee, we would like to thank SAMA and the national executive committee for the opportunity to host the champs, originally planned for 2020, and then through various meetings and restraints due to Covid regulations into 2021, it was agreed to host the championships virtually and give our athletes the opportunity to experience a fun competition.

As Chairman, I would also like to thank my KZNMA committee for hours and hours of meetings to plan, discuss and re-plan and re-discuss for these competitions. Our secretary Sharon, thank you for all the behind the scene work you’ve put in!

We now, at last, hand the baton over to the next province and wish you the best of luck for our next competition in 2022.

Above are the final results that were submitted for the virtual competition and you can sort by name, competition number, or age group.

With regards to the medals and the athletes who ordered the T-Shirts, your parcel is being prepped and almost ready to pack and be sent to you via courier. We will send an email once they are ready and on their way to you.

KZNMA Committee


Please see the link below to submit your SAMA National Championship Results.

Happy running, throwing, walking, and jumping.

For your results submission, click here:

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Here is the Final List of athlete registrations – last updated 1 November 2021.

Link to SAMA website

The first SAMA National Virtual Championship will be held at a field / track near you from 1 to 14 November 2021.

Be sure to play within the rules:

Competition Rules – SAMA National Virtual Championship 2021

· Competitions must be done safely following all applicable World Health Organization (WHO) and government guidelines with regards to the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

· Competition is open for all ASA 2021 registered athletes, women from age 30 and up and men from age 30 and up.

· Participants must compete between November 1st and November 14th, 2021. Participants can perform an event once in the date period, just like a final at a championship.

· Results must be submitted before midnight on 14 November 2021 local South African time.

· Results will only be published once all results were received. Results should be available by 21 November 2021.

· Athletes may be contacted for verification of results, so a photo or video could come in handy for verification.

· Results must be confirmed 1 over 1. Meaning that every event must be overseen by another athlete or official.

· Competition will be run from 1 – 14 November 2021 only.

· Closing date for competition entry will be 17 October 2021.

· Athletes must be a member with a 2021 ASA number.

· Competition numbers will be provided.

· Competition rules will be as per WMA competition.

· No competition results will be eligible for records (both international, national, or provincial records)

· No competition results will qualify for National or provincial colours qualification.

· All ASA competition rules will apply according to various event disciplines.

* All results to be uploaded to by midnight on 14 November 2021

* Feel free to upload your photos and videos to the SA Masters Facebook page 

* We will update the website with all the athlete registrations every week on Friday

Thank you KZNMA Committee